"The ultimate goal in 1989 was to make our public schools the very best that they could be."

- Founding board member Dianne McDowell

Reflections from Founding Board Members

Doug6website“My earliest memories of what is now The Education Foundation go back well over 20 years, back when my sons attended EC Middle School.  The office mimeograph machine (you have to be a certain age even to remember mimeograph machines) was broken, and teachers could not produce tests, quizzes and classwork.  A few of us, including Phil Donahue and Tom Nash, banded together to raise money to buy a new one.  We decided to form a non-profit to raise money for these sorts of capital needs that were not covered in the school system’s operating budget.  Tom wrote the original by-laws; Phil was one of the first chairmen, and I followed him…twice as chair.  I’ll lay claim to being the oldest serving member of the ECPPSF.  We’ve come a long way since replacing that $200 mimeo machine.”

         – Doug Gardner, Founding Board Member and Current Board Member

“The Education Foundation has been a passion of mine since that first year of 1989 ! The founding group learned that school systems with foundation support were better school systems; that was the ultimate goal in 1989, to make ECPPS the very best that it could be! My personal endeavors with the Foundation have been focused in three areas.  One, to gather support for the Innovative Grants . These grants assist teachers, but ultimately help students. It has been a pleasure to see the number of grants grow, as well as the number of applicants grow, leading to more students being served by Foundation support. My second passion has been in the field of  Professional Development.  Being able to witness the Education Foundation send Teachers of the Year to the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, to be with other educators from around the country, has been an ‘aha’ moment! ECPPS teachers have returned renewed, more confident, and more excited about the field of education than ever before.  When teachers grow, students grow! It is my hope that the Foundation will continue this practice.  Thirdly, membership is crucial!   Supporting education is supporting the ‘foundation’ of a community. Seeking memberships from a variety of  stakeholders including parents, administration, teachers, businesses, past graduates helps to spread the word and create an awarenes about the education of students in this community.”

– Dianne McDowell, Founding Board Member and Current Advisory Council Member


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