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I. Vision

Students in the Elizabeth City – Pasquotank Public Schools are provided with a superior public school education.  The district is recognized for its students’ outstanding academic performance.  The school system attracts top teachers, parents and businesses to the local area.

II. Mission

To facilitate excellence in education in the Elizabeth City – Pasquotank Public Schools.

III. Measures of Effectiveness:

  • End of Course Test scores above state averages
  • SAT scores above state and national averages
  • Percentage of graduates attending college above state and national averages (under investigation)
  • On-time graduation rate above 98% (retain if statistic is changed)
  • Teacher turnover rate below state and national averages
  • Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses available above state average

IV. Approach

The primary provider of education in our school district is the Elizabeth City – Pasquotank Public School district.  The Foundation’s role is to support the Board of Education, the Superintendent, principals, teachers, students and parents/guardians within the District in achieving their academic goals.  Working with these parties, the Foundation seeks to identify areas where focused efforts and resources will have a maximum, positive impact on student achievement.  In this way, the Foundation can make a meaningful contribution towards achieving the shared goal of excellence in education.

V.  Our Programs

The Foundation underwrites and promotes a range of educational programs that are selected to accomplish the mission and achieve the vision.  These programs are directed at K-12 students who are achieving at all levels.  Programs focus on the students and those who instruct them.  This reflects the Foundation’s belief that this interaction is central to achieving excellence in education.

Planned Programs include:

  • Mentoring – Cadre of volunteers to mentor students with special academic needs
  • Standardized Test Preparation (PSAT, SAT, ACT) – Professional instruction and materials available to all students who choose to take the test
  • Teacher Recruitment and Retention – Financial or quality of life incentives for teachers with a focus on key positions (science, math, foreign language)
  • Advanced Course Development – AP, IB, college level
  • Teacher Recognition and Public Awareness – Public and financial recognition for teachers through Teacher of the Year Awards program (in place)
  • Professional Development for Educators (in place)
  • Facilities – Financial incentives for non-budgeted needs at school facilities
  • Martha Ann Ward Swain Innovative Grants (in place)

VI. Stewardship

The Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that relies on private and corporate donations to fund efforts.  The solicitation and cultivation of donors is critical to the success of the mission and achieving the vision.  For this reason, the Foundation focuses on programs that are in the interest of students and produce results that can be seen and understood by donors.  When implementing programs the Foundation always assigns specific milestones and measures of effectiveness that demonstrate the success of our programs and reflect the responsible use of donations received.

Recognition of donors is also of critical importance.  Donors at every level are important to success; consequently, the Foundation expresses appreciation for every donation received.  Additionally, the Foundation will work with the School Board to ensure that exceptional gifts receive appropriate recognition.

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