Advancement Via Individual Determination is…

  • A structured, college preparatory system working directly with schools and districts
  • A direct support structure for first generation college goers, grades 7 – 12
  • A program that targets “at risk” students who possess potential
  • A schoolwide approach to curriculum and rigor adopted by more than 3,500 middle schools and high schools in 45 states and 16 countries


How Does AVID Work?

  • AVID student selection
  • Voluntary participation
  • AVID elective class
  • Rigorous course of study
  • Trained Tutors
  • District and school commitment
  • Data collection and analysis

Why AVID Works

  • Places AVID students in rigorous curriculum and gives them the support to achieve
  • Provides the explicit “hidden curriculum” of schools
  • Provides a team of students for positive peer identification
  • Redefines teacher’s role as that of student advocate


AVID students are more likely than their peers to successfully complete rigorous academic courses, with more than 73 percent of the 2012 AVID seniors reporting taking at least one higher-level course, such as AP®, IB® or Cambridge®, and 61 percent taking the corresponding exam. AVID also significantly closes the achievement gaps between groups of students. Regardless of ethnicity or economic background, AVID students complete courses required for admission into four-year colleges or universities at a rate consistently higher than their peers.
AVID Seniors
  • 89.9% plan to attend college
  • 90.8% complete college entrance requirements
  • 70.1% economically disadvantaged

AVID in our Local Schools

  • 2007 – AVID initiated into our public school district
  • 2008 – Program implemented at both Elizabeth City and River Road middle schools
  • 2008 – A partnership with The Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) Foundation is founded, allowing AVID to utilize ECSU students for tutoring, and in exchange, students are able to receive a financial stipend supporting their studies at ECSU.
  • 2009 – Program implemented at Northeastern and Pasquotank high schools, one year ahead of schedule
  • 2012 – Thirty ECPPS teachers and staff attended the AVID Summer Institute held in Orlando FL, Philadelphia PA, and Dallas TX to receive AVID training and instruction
  • 2013 – First ECPPS AVID graduating class.
  • 2013 –  The Education Foundation funded four $500 scholarships from the first graduating class.
  • 2013 – The Gregory-AVID Fund was established at College of the Albemarle offering the opportunity for ECPPS AVID graduates to receive financial scholarships.
Currently, over 300 students are directly served by the AVID program; in addition, several hundred students are indirectly served through AVID strategies implemented school wide in each of our middle and high schools.  The program continues to see great success in the ECPPS system, and AVID students continue to exceed required state mandated testing in several core subjects. In 2012, the required End of Course (EOC) testing for high school students resulted in a 86.14% pass rate on the required Algebra I test, versus 73.7% for the Local Education Agency (LEA) and 78.7% for the State.  The English I EOC resulted in 97.5% of AVID students achieving success versus 80.5% for the LEA and 82.9% for the State.
2013 saw the first district AVID graduating class for ECPPS.  Of the 26 graduates, 96% will be attending either four or two year colleges, and one will enter Basic Law Enforcement Training.

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$500,000 raised since program inception in 2008

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