Public education in North Carolina is grossly under-funded.

did you know:

  • In the last several years, North Carolina has fallen from near the national average to 48th in the nation in per-pupil spending, ahead of only West Virginia and Mississippi.
  • Textbook funding has decreased by 80% and school bus replacement has been delayed indefinitely.
  • Dropout prevention programs, professional development for teachers, and mentoring programs have been eliminated.
  • Thousands of teacher and teaching assistant positions have been cut, leaving remaining teachers to deal with larger classes of increasingly needy students.
  • North Carolina is 46th in the nation for average teacher pay.
  • When factoring inflation, teachers earn 15.7% less today than they did in 2002.
  • It takes the average NC teacher with a bachelor’s degree 15 years to make $40,000 per year.
  • What was once considered a national model for critical pre-kindergarten education, drastic pre-kindergaren budget cuts have resulted in 20% fewer pre-kindergarten slots than there were in 2010.   As a result, thousands of at-risk students are unable to start school on a level playing field with their higher-income peers.

Rural, low-wealth areas such as Pasquotank County are among the greatest areas of impact.

  • Rural areas such as northeast NC, with lower local revenue and a smaller tax pool, have far less resources to compensate for the decreased funding of education.
  • 19.9% of the Elizabeth City – Pasquotank County population lives at or below the state poverty level.
  • Almost 62% of our school children are enrolled in the state Free & Reduced Lunch Program.
  • Because of the emphasis placed on test scores, teachers are hesitant to work in districts that face inadequate resources for their students needs.
  • Many attraction incentives, such as salary supplements and enhanced teaching support, have been cut.


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